Zip Lock Bags Rule!

Packaging for lightweight backpacking can be tough. Some people put a great deal of work into making their very own resting gear and sanctuaries. Other people do not mind splurging on the newest and also coolest equipment (hello, who doesn’t like brand-new equipment toys?). One economical as well as very easy means to lighten and also arrange is to make considerable use of zip lock bags.

Foods: it’s very easy put foods into zip locks. The baggies keep the food completely dry as well as organized. I frequently organize a dish together into a single big bag which makes it easy to take out an entire meal/snack all at once. The bag after that likewise acts as its very own trash container. I also put ground coffee into the little half-height treat ถุงคราฟท์. A couple of quick searches can lead you to some delicious zip lock bag dishes.

Clothes: completely dry, dry, completely dry! Keep your socks as well as undies dry. Things the dirty clothes back into bags so the dirty clothes do not gunk up the tidy clothes. Squeeze all the air out as well as the bag assists keep your garments much more compact. But, really, I’m all about the dry things.

Equipment: Zip locks are a simple tool to utilize to keep things together when they belong together. For instance, your little toothbrush as well as tooth paste belong together in a bag. Maintain them tidy as well as different from every little thing else. T.P.? Darn right, it remains in its very own zip lock. Sunglasses? Bag ’em up.

  1. I know they’re not the most eco-friendly, however I have actually constantly obtained my very own foolish contentment from squeezing all the air out of the baggies.

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